Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) Code of Conduct

Read Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) Code of Conduct and answer the following questions:

you can access the article through the above link. All the answers should be in one paragraph. Use and cite only the assigned reading (brief quotations only). Any quotation you use must come directly from the cited reading itself.

You are not precluded from identifying and briefly discussing the views of others (e.g., a scholar not referenced in the assigned readings). Your related discussion/analysis, however, must be entirely in your own words.

3a. What are your general impressions of Alphabet’s / Google’s Code of Conduct? Why does Alphabet have such a code?

3b. What do you think of Alphabet’s / Google’s main message: “Don’t be evil” (or at other times “Do the right thing”)?


3c. What suggestions would you give to Google’s / Alphabet’s founders about the code?