Book review

The following 7 books provide real-world applications to our understanding of how health policies evolve.  Please select one of the following books and prepare a paper (3-5 pages double spaced) that includes 1) why you selected this book 2) how the book is relevant to your interests 3) how the book applies to or contradicts the readings in Ezekiel Emanuel’s text that we are using for this course. 4) your critique of the style and content of the book and 5) if you were to add another chapter to this book on what you’ve learned about health policy from ANY resources, what would you add and why?
Books for selection:
Starr, Paul. Remedy and Reaction. 2011: Yale University Press.
Welch H. Gilbert, Schwartz Lisa and Woloshin Steven. Overdiagnosed. 2011: Beacon Press
Meier, Barry. A World of Hurt. 2013. Published only as an ebook by the New York Times Press.
Abraham, Laurie Kaye. Mama Might Be Better off Dead. 1993: University of Chicago Press.
Gawande, Atul. The Checklist Manifesto. 2010: Picador Press.
Topol, Eric. The Creative Destruction of Medicine. 2012: Basic Books
Cartwright Nancy and Hardie Jeremy. Evidence-Based Policy. 2012: Oxford University Press.