Compare and contrast pteropods and heteropods

1. Suppose a person has spinal cord damage at the cervical level. Would this stop the knee-jerk reflex? How would it affect the plantat (BAbinski) reflex? Explain.
2. Describe the meaing of intertia, and explain how inertia affects the hair cell processes of the innr ear during accelaration and deceleration.
3. The organisms in the Phylum Mollusca are very diverse. What are the subgroups? What are the critical identifying characteristics for each of these groups?
4. Compare and contrast Pteropods and Heteropods. How are they similar? How are they different?
5. What are the major cephalopod subgroups? What are the identifying characteristics for each of these?
6. A double stranded DNA molecule has 83 deoxyadenosine monophosphatesand 179 deoxycytosine monophosphates. How long is the DNA moleculein base pairs?