Compare and contrast the work of an italian renaissance

In responding to the questions for each discussion board, you are expected to select specific examples of art works from the text book to illustrate and support your points – these supporting examples of art works should be different from those that the author of the course text uses when discussing similar themes or issues.
Include the artist, title and page + figure number of the each work of art you use. You may also find images of art works on the internet. If you do so, include the link and source information.
This question has four sections. First briefly explain what primarily distinguishes Renaissance art in general from the prior Medieval period. Then, trace the evolution and development of art through the periods of the Early Renaissance to the High Renaissance.
Compare and contrast the work of an Italian Renaissance artist with a work done by a northern European Renaissance artist. Include a discussion of the different concerns and heritages of the Italian and Northern Renaissance artists and how these resulted in different characteristics in the art work of each region.
Be sure to use the new art vocabulary you are learning as you describe the art works. Use specific examples of art in your response.
No of Pages/Words : 300 words