Comunicatn Disorders&sciences

1: Assuming a Communication DisorderPoints: 100Due: June 6, 2017Instructions: Assume one of the following communication disorders for several hours: stuttering, hearing loss, AAC user.  During this time, communicate with unknown people in a public area.  Describe your experiences and personal reflections in a three- to four-page paper.
Answer all parts of the assignment as completely as possible and support your answers with examples.  Please use 12-point font, double space, and staple all papers together.1.Describe the communication difficulties you assumed, including specific symptoms and behaviors.  Include examples of your behaviors and communication attempts
.2.Specify (a) when and for how long you assumed the disorder, (b) the public places you visited while assuming the disorder, and (c) the people with whom you communicated while assuming the disorder.
3.Describe how your conversational partners reacted to you and what they did to make communication easier or more difficult.  With whom did you communicate most easily?  Why?  With whom did you have the most difficulty?  Why?4.Describe what you learned about yourself and what you can infer about people with communication disorders as a result of this experience.  How might you apply your discoveries / knowledg