Conduct a swot analysis of your supply chain

Business Logistics Module Individual Assignment-
This assignment focuses on the practical application of business logistics theory to your work environment and organisation, integrated with the theoretical management content.
1. Overview & Introduction
Provide a description of your organisation, include details of location, size, core business activity and a brief history.
Explain how you add value to your organisation.
2. Competitive advantage
Describe how the logistics function of your organisation creates its competitive advantage. Include the application of concepts such as value and utility in your answer.
3. Logistics and supply chain strategy
Describe the logistics and supply chain strategy of your organisation.
Conduct a SWOT analysis of your supply chain and provide proposals for 2 areas that need improvement. Provide a strategic objective for each of these areas and identify the relevant drivers..
4. Logistics and supply chain tactics
Identify and briefly describe your organisations core tactical logistics activities.
Describe your product supply chain processes
5. Summary/conclusion
Briefly summarise the current effectiveness of your business logistics strategy in contributing to the success of the business.