crime site and the type of crime

For this homework assignment, first, you should introduce the crime site and the type of crime you chose that occurs there (a few sentences is fine within an introductory paragraph). Then, I want you to think about how the three theories (rational choice, routine activity, crime pattern) we have discussed up until this point in class could apply to the crime site and crime type you chose.
Choose TWO of the theories and give a brief overall explanation of their main points in your own words (one paragraph for each theory). Then, describe how each of the individual theories could potentially explain the crime pattern observed at the crime site (again a paragraph for each).
Please submit this assignment on BlackBoard under “Assignments” Homework 3- some of you have had difficulty doing this properly, if you have questions or need assistance please let me know. Typical writing rules apply: 12 pt. font, 1” margins, Times New Roman or similar, etc. This assignment should be around 2-3 double-spaced pages.
1.) go to
a.enter philadelphia in the search bar
b. in the top left corner enter the address or area of the crime tye which is
6400 block of greenway avenue phila pa 19142
c.) In the top left corner underneath the search bar click the filter button under date range click past 6 months
d.) look at the crime types that are abundant in that area and pick the one which you find the most interesting ( minimum 20+ incidents in the last 6 months)
e.) click on the filter button again and scroll down to incident type double click and select all button and then only click your chosen crime type