Cross-Cultural & Global Marketing Case Studies

  • Read Case 4-1 Is Tourism the Savior or the Scourge of Venice which is found in the textbook on pages 130-132, and
  • Complete the following revised questions:
  1. What critical-thinking issues are raised in the case, i.e. what is/are the primary cultural concern(s)?
  2. The case present various points of view on the issue of tourism in Venice. What are those points of view, and arguments presented?  In answering, you might find it helpful to list the positives and negatives of tourism mentioned in the case as not all points of view had a name attached to that viewpoint.  Which do you agree with and why?  Look to be comprehensive in your list!
  3. The case discusses various points of view on the issue of advertisements in Venice. What are those points of view and arguments presented?  As with the above, you may find it helpful to list positives and negatives associated with the issue of advertisements – be comprehensive, too.  Which do you agree with and why?
  4. In June 2011, city officials in Venice approved a tax on tourists staying in the city to generate revenue and limit the number of tourists. For each of the following stakeholders, what specific effect could this tax have:  tourists, government, citizens of Venice, local businesses?  What are 2-3 other stakeholders that would be affected?  For ALL of the stakeholders discussed in this question, be sure to specifically note whether the affect would be positive or negative.
  5. What can the international marketer do to ensure he/she is respecting the culture of a region in which new business will be conducted? List and discuss 2-3 suggestions.

For all questions, please address Venice’s situation based on the information you read in the case at the time it was written.
ASSIGNMENT NOTES:  It is assumed that, combined, your answers will be 2-4 single-spaced pages in length (please double-space between questions).  Also, many questions don’t need a lengthy explanation (one paragraph may be enough).  Keep in mind that there is no “right” or “wrong” way to answer some of the questions … I will evaluate those “opinion-based” questions based on how you defend your position.  Please use a readable font style and size, margins are up to you!  Also note that there is NO expectation that you write an “essay” paper.  Please simply list “Question #1” and answer it, doing likewise for any remaining questions.  This makes it much easier for me to identify your points, and why make things complicated, right? J
For all students, your FIRM deadline for handing in this case is Monday, July 3 by 11:59pm.  As a reminder, case studies must be completed in the order assigned.  You are always welcome to send in case studies as you finish them … in fact, I encourage this so that you can get the full benefit of my feedback.  For comments regarding the use of Wikipedia, assignment due dates and the Honor Code, please refer to the syllabus.  You should submit your work as a WORD document, and email it to  Files not submitted in the proper format (Word) will be sent back without grading comments.  Files submitted without the Honor Code Pledge (see syllabus under “Honor Code” OR “Policy – Honor Code” in Blackboard’s Syllabus & Important Policies) will incur a penalty.