Describe his style of visionary/transformational leadership

discuss how this case provides a truly brilliant illustration of the competencies required to be a visionary and transformational leader in cross-cultural and global contexts. Your analysis will be guided by the following questions:
(1) Provide a summary of half a page to a full page of the case; you must also have a summary;
(2) What made Mandela a visionary leader how well did he articulate his vision?
(3) What strategies did he adopt in the contexts described in the case? How well did they align or fit the vision he articulated? Do they fit or differ from the three aspects of strategic leadership discussed in Lane et al. (2006)?
(4) Describe his style of visionary/transformational leadership.
(5) How well did Mandela fit or deviate from the general guidelines for developing a vision as discussed in Lane et al (2006)?
(6) Are there lessons from the case based on the movie Invictus about what institutions and organizations seeking to foster transformational and visionary leaders should avoid? Be specific