Describe the corporate recruitment and selection process

In Learning Session Four, each student is to submit a 5 word-processed Staffing Practices Paper. The paper should contain three sections:
Section I: The student should describe the corporate recruitment and selection process as it relates to a particular position within a company (e.g., engineer, administrative assistant, information technology specialist). The student should include a job description with a summary of the position’s duties, authority, minimum requirements, salary range, and reporting relationships.
Section II: The student should describe the following for the organization:
Labor market
Philosophy on hiring
EEO considerations
Recruitment sources
Selection standards
The purpose of my paper will describe how a company will determine why a company needs to hire new employees, how the process is established, the legal compliances that must accompany the job posting, and to examine the job posting to discuss any weakness and strengths and to recommend any changes.
ResCare Inc., Is committed to employing, in its best judgment, the best qualified candidate for the Office Coordinator position while engaging in recruitment and selection practices that are in compliance with all applicable employment laws. It is the policy of ResCare to provide equal employment opportunity for employment to all applicants and employees.
Job Title – Office Coordinator (HomeCare)
Job Description – Responsible for coordination and processing of administrative business office and payroll functions.
Essential Job Responsibilities –
Process Payroll per the operations payroll schedule.
Collection and review of employee punch correction forms and/or manual timesheets. Obtain applicable supervisor approval as needed. Submit approved documents to the Business Center weekly.
Print Employee Time Detail reports from the Workforce Timekeeper system.
Distribute reports to supervisors to review.
Communicate any payroll discrepancies to the Business Center prior to payroll processing.
Generate and distribute other Workforce Timekeeper or labor management reports per assigned frequency.
Distribute payroll checks.
Collection and review of employee mileage forms. Obtain applicable supervisor approval as needed. Submit approved documents to the Business Center weekly.
Distribute daily mail, including monitoring of outgoing mail and overnight packages.
Prepare office correspondence and memos as needed.
Order and maintain office supplies.
Coordinate office and office equipment maintenance as needed.
Maintain current and accurate assigned petty cash account(s).
Maintain purchase cards and distribute as needed. Obtain weekly spend down and receipts for cardholders/users. Reconcile receipts to US Bank statements and submit to Resource Center weekly.
As applicable, report lost or stolen Purchase cards. Obtain replacement cards.
As requested, prepare and submit request form to change limits, cancel, or order new purchase cards. Obtain ED approval. Submit approved request to the Director of Planning and Analysis at the Resource Center.
Prepare and submit SOURCE forms for new locations, relation, lease renewals, and other property updates.
Receive consumer trust fund requests. Ensure appropriate approvals are obtained. Submit requests to BC for processing in RFMS.
Other tasks as assigned.
Job Requirements-
Must have a High School diploma or GED equivalent.
Two years of related office management or bookkeeping experience. Human Resources experience preferred.
Must be proficient with Microsoft Word and Excel.
Additional Information-
At ResCare, you will be part of an established and highly regarded organization with a proud 40-year tradition of making a vital difference in the lives of the people we serve. Not only will you see the positive results of your work each and every day, but you will also have plenty of opportunity for professional development and advancement to positions of greater responsibility. Our senior leadership team has been with us, on average, for a decade or more, and several of them began their careers with us as direct caregivers. Your hard work and professional dedication will be rewarded with competitive compensation benefits package!