Determine the main theme of Class Struggle 101

The essay: Class Struggle 101. Discussion has to be 300 words

  1. Determine the main theme of Class Struggle 101
  2. Discuss how ” Ain’t I a woman by Sojourner Truth” have similar themes. Be creative when figuring out shared themes.
  3. Discuss the rhetorical techniques—voicing, tone, imagery, symbolism, rhetorical appeals, etc.—that the authors of the two works use. Do they use similar rhetorical techniques?
  4. How do the rhetorical techniques used and the form (essay, short fiction, or poetry) seem to affect the way the theme is addressed?
  5. Please divide your posts into paragraphs for easier reading, and make sure to reference, paraphrase, or quote specific passages from the text to support and illustrate what you say. 

This essay should be 300 words.


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