Discuss about the sex offenders and sex offenses

Go to the FindLaw Website located at
or use the Internet to research “Sex Offenders and Sex Offenses.” Next, specify two (2) fundamental advantages and two (2) disadvantages of state or federal criminalization for two (2) of the researched offenses in deterring heterosexual deviance. Next, take a position as to whether or not the local, state, or federal government should govern two (2) consenting adults using the Internet to engage in adult activities. Provide a rationale to support your response.
Choose three (3) areas of heterosexuality that define “sexual norms” in the United States. Next, specify two (2) characteristics of heterosexuals that define “deviations from sexual norms” then propose one (1) recommendation that could bring social views regarding intimacy to a “middle of the road” position. Provide rationale to support your response.