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Write a paper describing the pathophysiology of hypertension. Discuss the following in your paper:

As nurse educators how is patient education adapted for various developmental stages and ages. This paper focus on adults and older adults

Considering your Healthy People 2020 health determinant, the Evidence-based guidelines you reviewed and your original assessment, what issue do you feel is most important for health education for your population?

The Heart Disease and Stroke objective twelve (HDS12) is to increase the proportion of adults with hypertension whose blood pressure is under control. Its purpose is to improve public health and prevent premature deaths. The 2020 goal is the proposed, and the HP2020 target is 61.2 percent ( For this initiative Adults are defined as having high blood pressure/hypertension if they either: (a) have a measurement of mean systolic blood pressure (SBP) ≥140 mm Hg or (b) mean diastolic blood pressure (DBP) ≥90 mm Hg or (c) report they are taking high blood pressure medicine (

Using a selected developmental theory, identify the developmental stage or phase of your population.

What type of theoretical approach would you use with your population?

What types of media, tools, etc. would you use in this population? Explain.

Support your ideas and suppositions with current evidence-based literature from peer reviewed journals not older than 3-5 years (please do not use websites).


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