Naming & Framing

Naming & Framing
Form: Individual written home assignment based on a case
proposed by the student and approved by the teacher
Size of paper: 10-12 pages 1.5 inch spacing
Formulate a problem statement and a number of non-trivial research questions in relation to a
case of your own choice. The case should concern a naming and framing challenge in a particularfield of commercial, cultural, legal, or other societal activity. You may present and discuss a recentnaming and framing solution made by others, or you may present a naming gap/need and suggesta solution yourself and argue for it. In your discussion, you must draw on relevant theorypresented during the course. You may likewise draw on theories and methods not directly coveredby the course in so far as they are relevant for the case analysis and covered by precise references.
You may reuse data from your oral group presentations and focus on material from either one
language or two or more languages in comparison (your choice). The specifics of the case must be supported by relevant background information and references retrieved during your work withthe case. The investigation may include empirical testing of particular naming and framing
solutions (using questionnaires, focus groups, etc.), yet this is not mandatory. If performed, small-scaleexploratory inquiries are sufficient, given the space constraints.
Indicative Paper Structure
Introduction – subject field, case and research question(s)
Theoretical framework, research method, references to course literature
Data collection, data analysis, formulation of well-argued innovative approach to specific
naming and framing challenges addressed within the selected field or topic
NB! Theory and research method may alternatively be integrated naturally in this section
(as long as these aspects are covered).
Wrap-up and conclusion
Clarity, academic approach, relevance in relation to your research question(s), and, last but not
least, linguistic and formal correctness