Phenotype of Phenotype of offspring

Phenotype of Phenotype of offspring
1.3 Read the following information to answer question 1.3.
Purple or white flowers can be seen in a particular plant species. in this species, the
colour of the flower is controlled by ONE gene. ln experiments to investigate the
inheritance of flower colour in this plant species, four crosses were carried out. The
phenotypes of the parents in each cross were recorded. Purple is represented by P
and white by p.
In each cross, 40 offspring were produced. The phenotypes of the offspring were
recorded and the results are shown in the table below.
Number of
Cross Phenotype of Phenotype of offspring and
parent 1 parent 2 their
pheno pes
40 purple
2 31 purple 9 white
21 purple 19
Adapted fiom: Victorian Certification of Education, 2016.
1.3.1 Suggest the genotypes of parent 1 and parent 2 in the second genetic cross. (2)
1.3.2 By means of a Punnet square, determine the genotypes and phenotypes of the
offspring of the parents in 1.3.1. (5)
1.3.3 Did your phenotype of the F1 generation in your cross agree with the number of
offspring and their phenotypes in the table above? Explain your answer by referring to
ratio of the phenotypes. (3)
1.3.4 Suggest the genotypes of the parents in the first genetic cross. (2)
1.3.5 Explain why the offspring are all purple in the first genetic cross. (2)
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