Platonic dialogue

Platonic dialogue
ASSIGNMENT: You are to write a “Platonic dialogue” of at least three and not more than five pages, double-space with either an 11 or 12 point font. This dialogue
should be between Socrates and one other character (you can use anyone, real or invented). Here are the requirements for this dialogue:
(1) Within the dialogue, Socrates and the other character should engage in a discussion over the meaning of some concept (just as Socrates
and Euthyphro do in Euthyphro). You can choose from one of the following five concepts for discussion:
i. Love
ii. Wisdom
iii. Peace
iv. Happiness
v. Evil
If you want to choose a different concept for their discussion, or have some other idea for the paper, please discuss it with me.
(2) Your second character must propose to Socrates at least two (though you may do more) attempted definitions of the concept. [You should
mark in some way the proposed definitions—maybe just write something like “definition #1” in parentheses right before the character gives the definition.] Socrates
should then employ the Socratic method to demonstrate to the character that both of these definitions are inadequate. This part of the dialogue should include back
and forth questions and answers between the two characters about the accuracy of the definition. When writing this part of the dialogue, I want you to demonstrate to
me that you understand Socrates method of elenchus (i.e., the Socratic method) and emulate how Socrates proceeds in Euthyphro.
(3) Within your dialogue, you must also have at least one character present an argument for some thesis, with some discussion of the argument
by both characters afterward. [Again, you should mark the argument in some way so I can find it easily].
(4) Other than that, you are free to be as creative with the dialogue as possible (trying to emulate Plato’s style or just developing your
own style). You can make your second character docile, or argumentative, or whatever, but try to keep Socrates as close to Plato’s Socrates as you can.
This paper is worth 100 points. I will break my grading into three points:
· 50 points—Clear demonstration that you understand the Socratic method and that you understand the idea of doing “conceptual analysis” by presenting potential
definitions, offering counterexamples, revising definitions, etc.
· 25 points—Creativity in your writing, both in its style and in the ideas you present through the mouths of the characters (e.g., you 2nd character provides
reasonable “false definitions” of the concept involved and Socrates gives insightful criticism)
· 25 points—Grammar, spelling, and language!! Points will be deducted here for grammatical and spelling errors, typos, and general misuse of the English