Prepare a persuasive speech about the credit card debt

Prepare a persuasive speech about the Credit Card debt among college students and to explain the causes and everything that engages with the body transitions etc.
Provide the further transtitions.
Given is the speech.
Proposition Statement:
Title: Credit Card debt among college students
The Introduction:
I. Attention Grabber: Imagine that you are a college student and you are struggling with a 5000$ in debt from 3 credit cards with a 20% interest rate, on top of that you have a student loan to pay along other needs such as gas, personal care, utilities, phone bills and other things. When you think about it, credit card debt becomes a heavyweight in your shoulders, and that’s not all the interest rate will eat you alive.
II. The Relevance: It is evident that credit card debt among college students has been increasing progressively. The big question here is what has caused this? How can we solve the issue? It is important to note that,accordingto Sallie Mae’s 2016 report, “How America Pays for College,” 20 percent of college costs are paid by borrowing (either by the student or the parent). Most of that is comprised of student loans, but 5 percent of students use credit cards to help fund college costs, while 2 percent of students’ parents did the same. This shows how credit cards are important to students. I will focus on the causes of these credit card debts and how this can be solved.
III. The Credibility: When I was 18 years old I didn’t have credit so in my birthday I told my mom that I wanted to stay up to date with technology, and we went to BestBuy and she opened for me a 4000$ credit line in her name but it turns out that I wanted everything there, so I decided to buy a brand-new computer, but it wasn’t just any computer, it was a 1500$ gaming computer, and a 800$ smartphone. She told me that I was crazy for buying such expensive items and u know what I said to her? Don’t worry I will pay for it. I didn’tknow where I was walking into at that time, I thought that this was a gift from God so my impulsivity took me so far that I ended up reaching the limit on the card, after paying this huge debt I realized that my whole debt wasn’t 4000, this debt became $5500$.
IV. Thesis Statement: My hope is to be able to persuade you to be highly responsible with the use with credit cards and to show you the risks and causes that youthe causes with the credit card debt and how to prevent it wisely
Transition: Let’s begin by explaining what is causing the increasing credit card debt among college students.