public policy

public policy
Instructions: It is designed to establish your basic level of knowledge in the subject of policy analysis prior to the instruction in the course. Please complete this
assignment to the best of your knowledge. It will not be graded for correct answers but will be graded on the effort put into the responses.
The questions below are to be answered only from information provided in the “Adult Businesses in Alta Valle” ATTACHED Answers should be at least two good paragraphs.
Feel free to provide a longer answer if desired.
What is the policy issue in this case study?
Why is this issue a public policy issue?
Why is this an important problem for Alta Valle?
What are the important dimensions of the issue?
Who has an interest in the resolution of this issue? What do we need to know about them, why?
Where is this issue on the public agenda? How is it being handled?
What are the options for solving this issue?
What strategy should be used for evaluating the solution options?