Relationship between west and countries of asia befoe 1800

Answering this 5 essay questions PLEASE
1) China was not an independent country during the Qing. Keeping that statement in mind, compare the Manchu relationship to China with the Mughal relationship to India and the Spanish relationship to the Philippines.
2) Discussing China, Japan, India, and Indonesia, explain why one of those countries was such much better prepared to resist the West than the others were. Why did some of them become colonies while others did not?
3) Compare the governments of Japan, China, and India, plus either Thailand or Vietnam, in terms of centralization between 1500 and 1900. Do we see any change over time in how centralized those governments were? Can you explain those changes?
4) Generally speaking, what was the relationship between the West and the countries of Asia before 1800? How did that relationship change in the 19th century? What are the reasons for that change? Consider both political and economic factors.
5) What role did religion play in politics in Asia before 1900? Were there any religiously- inspired rebellions in East Asia and South Asia? What about Southeast Asia?