The First Crusades

Research Paper Assignment (18 points) During week THIRTEEN, you will turn in a research paper of 5-8 pages double-spaced on any person or event in Christian history you choose. Your paper should have a minimum of six sources, including your textbook and online resources. Note: WikiPedia is NOT an acceptable source. By week four, you need to email your instructor notifying him/her what you want your topic to be. The choice of topics is fairly open-ended, so you are quite free to choose any topic that interests you. Your paper can be historical, biographical, or theological in nature. It should have a good introduction, a good conclusion, footnotes, and a body consisting of good grammar and argumentation. Here is the grading breakdown of the paper:
Points accumulate as follows:
0.5 points: Email to the instructor
0.5 points: Meeting the page and time requirement
1 point: Meeting the source requirement
1 point: Constructing a bibliography page
2 points: A good, clear introduction
2 points: A good, clear conclusion
1 points: Footnoting of proper sources
2 points: Grammar and spelling
2 points: Overall flow of paper
6 points: Strength of data presented
18 points total
Your paper should
Identify the person or event and all relevant historical facts that attend to him/her/it.
List any important books or contributions the person made or the persons involved in the event.
Spend several paragraphs explaining why the topic you choose was important in both its day and beyond.
Describe how this person/event impacted general culture as well as church culture.
Explain how this person/event fits in the flow of church history both before and after his/her/its time.
Finally, describe the aftermath of the person/event. Did any new movements or ideas come from him/her/it? Who or what was most influenced by the person/event. Each of these topics represent one point in your strength of data you will present.