week 3 Draft

FORMAL RESEARCH ASSIGNMENT The formal research project will be worked on weekly through various assignments.  The topic you choose should be directly related to the degree that you are earning. All major assignments will be related directly to the topic that you choose in Week One, so please be sure that the topic you choose is one that you can more fully develop as we move from idea to finished product. Your final paper should be formatted liked the sample student paper that begins on 225, which is formatted according to the 6th edition of the APA Manual.


Week One:    Proposal due by Sunday. Week Two:    Annotated Bibliography due by Sunday.                     Outline due by Sunday. 

Week Three: Draft due by Sunday. Week Four:   Checklist due by Friday.                     Formal Research Assignment due by Sunday.   

This essay should follow these requirements : 

·         Use proper APA format (cover page, abstract, body, and reference page). We will use the 6th edition only.

·         Must be 2000-2500 words. (This includes the ABSTRACT (200-225 words) and the BODY (1800-2275 words.) ·         Use Times New Roman font (12 point). ·         Use integrated short burst quotes in the body of your own sentences. Use minimal paraphrasing and signal phrases. No block quotes should be used. ·         Sources should be obtained from eLibrary databases. They should consist of articles from scholarly journals dated within the last ten years. Other sources may be approved as long as they           are scholarly and provided you check with the instructor first. ·         Submit this assignment in Microsoft Word Document format. No other formats will be accepted. All online students are required to have Microsoft Word as their word processing program.           If you do not have this program, please visit your local Office Max, Office Depot, or Staples store, or contact the Keiser bookstore for assistance. You can also access many web sites to           purchase the program. Microsoft.com offers a free trial. ·         Use the following format for the FILE NAME: AbernathyA_Formal Research Assignment. Note that the name format contains your last name and first initial in exactly that order. ·         Submit the assignment in the DROPBOX titled Week 4: Formal Research Assignment. Be sure to go back and review your Outbox to make sure that your attachment is actually posted. 

Additional instructions may be given. Please be sure to check your email and the announcements section frequently.



By Sunday at 11:59 PM, submit the working version of your draft. This version should meet the following criteria:


·         a properly completed cover page,  

·         a place holder page for the abstract,

·         at least five body pages,

·         one form of source support per page.

When you submit the first time, be sure to review the Safe Assignment report as you will need to comment on the report in your final paper checklist assignment in Week Four. You may submit up to two times.


Drafts submitted that do not meet the minimum number of body pages will earn a reduced percentage. For example, if the submitted paper only has three pages, then only 60% of the paper has been submitted. If the earned score is 72%, the score will be reduced to 60% of that score. Thus, 72 x .60 = 43. Please avoid this drop in score. Submit all pages. This benefits you because your instructor can offer more substantial feedback.

Draft Submission and Plagiarism Review



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