Write essay on political and religious conflict in england

Essay Topics
The following topics will appear on the exam in question form. You can answer any one of the seven essays.
The reign of Louis XIV.
The political and religious conflicts in England from the English Civil War through the Glorious Revolution.
The manner in which the Scientific Revolution changed concepts of the universe, nature, and God.
The philosophical ideas of the Enlightenment or the goals of enlightened despotism.
The origins and legacy of the French Revolution.
The positive and negative consequences of the Industrial Revolution.
The outlook of any two of the following ideologies: conservatism, romanticism, nationalism, liberalism, or socialism.
Eight of the following twenty identifications will appear on the exam. You will define and discuss the significance of four of the eight terms on the exam.
Versailles                                                 Pugachev’s Rebellion
Mercantilism                                             Slave Trade
Glorious Revolution                                   Storming of the Bastille
St. Petersburg                                          Robespierre
Nicolaus Copernicus                                   Waterloo
Francis Bacon                                            Steam Engine
Sir Isaac Newton                                        Luddites
Voltaire                                                     Adam Smith
Jean-Jacques Rousseau                              Thomas Malthus
Joseph II                                                   Karl Marx